Mondly Languages Full Review: Probably the best language learning app out there

Mondly is a language learning app , one of many out there but probably the best. Why? Because of most apps out there feel, look and generally have their content structured in the same way. Mondly wants to be different, it wants to actually help the user learn a new language, it doesn't seek to create a strictly gamified experienced where you mostly get addicted to the "game" and kind of forget about learning the actual language. I discovered Mondly last year when it released a VR version, taking the language learning app experience to a whole nother level: in virtual reality interacting with a virtual character. Although the VR version is great and actually immersive, I'm not much of a fan of VR in general, it still gets me dizzy after a few minutes, no matter the app or the type of content I'm consuming. This is why I'm very excited about the new MondlyAR  (Augmented Reality App) version that will be soon to be released. But first, let's talk